How CrossFit and Digital Interviewing Myths are Similar

Tuesday marked another classic Brown Bag Mind Meld at the HireVue office. We had the opportunity to listen to Jordan Aulai & Blake Harber present on a topic they are very passionate about - CrossFit. 

They did a great job dispelling common myths or misconceptions people have about CrossFit. After the presentation we realized that digital interviewing has many similar myths. Here's a comparison between digital interviewing and CrossFit myths: 

Common Digital Interviewing Myths

Myth 1: "Candidates don't want to record themselves."

We'll just use a few sample tweets from candidates who love using digital interviewing to dispel this myth. 

Myth 2: (candidate) "The process is impersonal and companies will discriminate against me."

As a candidate, think of the digital interview as your chance to really show a company who you are. Your resume only tells so much about your experience. By the company allowing you to take a digital interview, they are giving you a chance to tell them why they should hire you. The digital interview is just an expansion on your resume. Use the interview to stand out and make an impression.

Myth 3: "It costs too much money. We don't have the budget."

Really? Just consider the amount of money it costs to interview a candidate - manager's time spent interviewing multiple candidates, flying in candidates from other states, paying for hotels, dinners, etc. You can see the costs add up. Or you can save money by screening the majority of applicants and only bringing in the best candidates to interview. Seems like a no-brainer.

Myth 4: "But it will change all my recruiting procedures!"

Change is hard. We get it. But integrating digital interviewing will improve the efficacy of your current procedures. We also have a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers who help you along the way so your transition is as seamless as possible. 

You do phone screens? No need anymore! Replace with On Demand interviews and candidates can answer set questions on their own time. This saves your recruiter valuable time since they no longer have to make tedious phone calls. 

Myth 5: "This is a fad and will never catch on...."

 Here are a few articles to help dispel this myth - 

10 Reasons a Video Interview Could Replace a Phone Screen 

Video Interviewing - The Future of Recruitment Industry

Video Interviewing - No, It's Not a Big Luxury Any More


Now that we've covered some common myths about digital interviewing we will now look at the common CrossFit myths. 

Common CrossFit Myths:

Myth 1: "I'll lose all my gainz if I do CrossFit....bro!"

False. You can still be incredibly strong doing CrossFit. Since you are doing varied workouts that target multiple areas of the body you get a more complete workout that helps you stay trim and strong.

Myth 2: (girl voice) "If I do CrossFit, I'll look manly!" 

False. Women who look like body builders purposely try get as large as possible. Doing CrossFit will make you strong and fit  - not ginormous. 

Myth 3: "If I do CrossFit, I am going to puke, pass out, or die! is hard work. But, the payoff is fantastic. You will be in great shape and feel great about yourself. The key is to go at a pace you can handle and not overwork yourself too early in the process.

Myth 4: "But I'll have to eat Paleo..."

False. The Paleo diet is very popular in the CrossFit world but it is not a requirement. You can still eat your same diet, but you will see better results if you are conscientious about what you consume daily. 

Myth 5: "It's a cult!" 

False. As the joke goes, "The first rule of CrossFit is to talk about CrossFit." Once you go for a week you are hooked and you love the way you feel that you can't help but try to convert people to come join you.

With anything new and different, people are scared and hesitant to try it. Myths are formed and it takes time to break these barriers and help people understand why something is (in most cases) better for them. Next time something different or new is presented to you, take the time to really understand it before you make any decisions. Who knows, it might just change your life! 

Do you think anything is missing? What other myths do you hear about digital interviewing and CrossFit? We would love to know! Comment below.