HireVue's First Turkey Shoot

Last Tuesday we had our very first Turkey Shoot.......HireVue style!

Everyone in the office had a chance to show off their mad skills with the bow and arrow. It was time for them to get their "Katniss Everdeen" (for girls) or "Hawkeye" (for boys) on. Everyone showed some mad skills that proved we are not only wicked amazing when it comes to work, but also have great athletic ability.

The archers donned their pilgrim hats and set to shooting Nerf arrows at turkey targets. The top three highest scores won prizes. Congrats to Brian Allred who took first place and won a turkey. Adam Welch took second place and won some delicious turkey lunch meat. And Steve Kondris took third place and won some turkey gravy!

It wouldn't be a HireVue event without some delicious food! Buffalo Wild Wings filled our bellies after a competitive turkey shoot off.


Check out some of the sweet photos of the event:

colby shoot.jpg
Dave Shoot.jpg
Loren Shoot.jpg
Russell Shoot.jpg
Turkey shoot watching.jpg
brian winner.jpg