HireVue Lunch Survey


Thank you for participating in the survey that was sent out over the past week. We have a lot of great information to share with you and to let you know how things will be changing going forward. Here is a collection of the survey:

Ordering Time

Some of you felt that 9:30 AM was just too early in the morning to decide what you were doing for lunch. We agree. We are extending the ordering window 1 hour to 10:30 AM. There will be a calendar update going out with the change.

Pain Points

One of the biggest pain points that was made clear was the annoyance of entering your payment info time & time again. No option to save can make the process tedious. We are looking into ways to get this set up. The system is run through Square Space so if one of you have experience creating something like this we'd love to hear from you. Might be some free lunch involved! 

Another area of discomfort was the variety. Mixing up the days each restaurant is featured & getting more restaurants period. Everyone has different tastes, preferences & favorites. We are always looking for new restaurants to add to the rotation as well as menu items. Terra (tstanton@hirevue.com) is the one to contact for this. Do you want Del Taco added to the list? Let her know. Do you want to add a Steak Burrito that you love at Chipotle to the list of menu options? Speak up. This will help improve the current variety immensely.

What are they saying?

The comments you left we're great to read and really helped us see where we can improve and if the lunch service is even accomplishing anything. Below are some of the anonymous messages we had:

" Of course a cheaper price would be great but mainly we need to add more variety and local fare or food like Simply Thai as an example."

"Simply Thai every day! (just kidding.) It's great the way it is. Of course, if the price were lower, I would be more likely to order it more often, but as it stands, it's already a good price and I do it when a particular restaurant sounds good for the day."

"I always forget to order before 9:30 am. Then 10:00 am rolls around and I realized I missed it and it's a sad day. Other than that, I LOVE this!!"

And Ben Martinez's personal favorite:

"I haven't started yet but this is a huge perk that made me want to work at HireVue even more"

The changes we talked about are not the only things we're looking at, but the ones that we saw the most. Again thank you so much for taking the time to tell us how the program is going. Please reach out to Terra Stanton (tstanton@hirevue.com) or TJ Allen (tj@hirevue.com) with any issues or comments/concerns.