HireVue Wellness

Hey everyone! As stated in the annual HireVue feedback survey, Mark Newman shared that some of the biggest feedback we got last year was a better promotion of a healthy life style. I just wanted to create some visibility into what programs we actually have available if you are of any interest:

Gym Membership Program:

  • If you attend any gym at least 8 times per month HireVue will pay 20$ towards the monthly bill. 
  • HireVue is partnered with Lifetime but you can choose any gym that you'd like. However, if you choose to attend a gym outside of Lifetime you will need to obtain records of your visit and submit them to Expensify. Note: It is your responsibility to submit your monthly visits in order to get reimbursed!

Fitocracy - https://www.fitocracy.com/home/:

Fitocracy is a website that helps you track workouts, milestones, and learn more about healthy lifestyles. You can join groups that are of your particular interest but make sure to join the HireVue group - http://ftcy.me/8Y8nXN - for some friendly competition amongst your co-workers and friends!

After Work Group Outings (Place holder name):

There are plenty of groups doing things outside of work hours (and sometimes during!) consisting of bike rides, hikes, playing catch, and attending a gym together. Post in the comments below if you are interested in joining of these groups or ask around. They are always looking for more people!