HireVue Softball 2014

Not pictured- Terra Stanton, Paige Whimpey, Chelsea Rudelich, Evan Johnson, Jake Schroeder & the many standins we had throughout the season. Thanks everyone!

Thanks to all the Vuers who participated in the inaugural 2014 season this fall! Being automatically assigned into a league leaps & bound above our skill level we didn't do that bad! Finishing 1-5, with an exit from our playoff game coming down to the last play on bases loaded of the last inning it was epic!

 Jane in action!

Jane in action!

Ryan taking a solid pitch.

Here are some stats/fun memories-

Jordan Holdaway played every inning of every game. A true iron man. He also hit our only homeruns!

Steven Coombs was lights out during the playoff game going 5 for 5 with 3 RBIs and 2 runs scored.

Terra Stanton was a monster at first base. She stopped almost everything hit her way, even if it was with her shins!

 Alan, "Chelsea", "Nicole", and Jaron!

Alan, "Chelsea", "Nicole", and Jaron!

Ryan Christensen proved that he can infact run a 3.9 40. Often scoring from first base on a base hit.

Jane Thomas logged the highest batting average (.329) and the most at bats for the girls this season! She had 9 hits!

Alan Lee was able to somehow hit a pitch 10ft above his head.

Jordan Holdaway walked away the top hitter with an average of .556 with 2 HRs, 17 hits & 8 RBIs.

Alberto Martinez, Jordan Holdaway, and Jake Schroeder turned awesome double plays during the season.

Nicole Frisbee once ran all the way around the bases while suffering from an asthma attack. (kind of joking)

Richard Kimball & Jake Schroeder were so dedicated and focused that they sacrificed their bodies to get the base. Unfortunately...it still wasn't enough.

Latish Rios was the only player on our team to actually make a play at home plate. As well as get the very first hit for the girls!

Evan Johnson and Jaron Dunford stepped up in a big way taking on the role of pitching for us. Thanks guys!