We're Adding 540 New Hires In Utah

 Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development

In case you missed it this morning, we just announced that we're going to be hiring at least 540 new team members in Utah over the next few years.  

GOED is based on Governor Herbert's commitment to economic development statewide. The Mission of GOED is to nurture an environment where Utah companies can be successful and the business community can create jobs that raise Utah's citizen's standard of living.

From the one of the local newspapers: link

HireVue is an on-demand digital interviewing platform provider. The GOED board of directors approved a $1,513,573 Economic Development Tax Increment Finance post-performance refundable tax credit.
Over the seven-year life of the agreement with the state, the company will add 540 new positions, paying out more than $172,876,212 in new state wages. All of the jobs will pay at least 125 percent of the Salt Lake County average annual wage including benefits. HireVue will pay approximately $10,090,489 in new state taxes during the term of the agreement and will invest over $30 million in capital expansion.
HireVue says its on-demand interview platform greatly reduces the time and cost it takes to find, interview, vet and hire employees, while simultaneously improving interview quality and consistency, the company says. It currently employs 100 people in engineering, support, customer success, sales and marketing.

Just as the story says, we're adding (at least) 540 new jobs in Utah, but that doesn't include all of our virtual team members which are almost half of the team.

If I were working for a competitor I think I'd read the writing on the wall and see if there was a job opening here that I might apply for. Link to job openings...   :  )