Craft Brew & HireVue

It comes as a surprise to many that Utah is home to a rapidly-growing craft brew scene. Utah is known for some pretty restrictive alcohol laws (anything more than 4.0% ABV can’t be served on draft, for example), so many outside of the state assume brewing is dead. I am delighted to dispel these notions and report that nothing could be further from the truth.


Let’s get the 4.0% ABV thing out of the way first: in most scenarios it doesn’t really matter. Craft brewers are crafty (heh), and most brewpubs have a high enough turnover to offer samples and 4 oz pours from the bottle. Is it still a bit restrictive? Sure. But it’s not as debilitating as many would have you believe.

The whole “4.0% on draft” thing can also be spun in a more positive light- brewers have been forced to innovate. Alcohol is a potent flavor-enhancer; it is easy to cover up sub-par beer with a high ABV. Utah-based brewers wanting to offer the draft experience need every flavor to be on-point. Are there misses? Sure. But there are also some pretty phenomenal hits.

Of course, craft beer wouldn’t be craft beer without tremendously high-point offerings as well. Epic Brewing’s Big Bad Baptist clocks in anywhere from 12-14% ABV (they make a different batch with different coffees and chocolates every year). Last year they took the barrel-aging trend to a whole new level, aging green coffee beans in whiskey barrels prior to adding them to the brew, which was then aged in a different whiskey barrel. The result? The Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist.



Epic Brewing isn’t the only Utah-based craft brewer knocking it out of the park (though they do have the widest distribution). Uinta Brewing, Squatters, and Wasatch are Utah stalwarts that continue to innovate great new brews. Proper Brewing, 2 Row Brewing, and Shades of Pale Brewing are new additions to the scene; they’re doing some awesome stuff as well. Proper Brewing, for example, recently introduced Utahns to the Gruit style, an herbal-style brew based on beer from the 1100s.

But the title of this post is “Craft Brew and HireVue,” so let’s not forget the other half of the equation. How does HireVue relate to craft beer?

We have an amazing bar. In our office. Just one of the many perks we have at HireVue.


Jon-Mark Sabel graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from DePauw University. He currently works on HireVue’s Marketing team writing content.