Could You Win a Fight Against a Robot?

Attention humans! A robot revolution is upon us.

 I realized it last year on my birthday at a place called The Robot Restaurant in Japan. I was chosen by the crowd to fight a robot. I fought hard and ultimately won. I won a t-shirt, cookies, and some potato chips. 

All this got me thinking…

Ever heard of the Accelerating Progress of Technology Theory? Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have commented on it recently. It pretty much means we as human kind are on the cusp of a robotic uprising and should be freaking out. We are entering the Artificial Intelligence Era – the time when robots will outsmart humans.

The first and present stage in this new era of advanced AI, is the Artificial Narrow Intelligence period; the time when computers are specialized to do individual tasks better than humans.

 The world is on a fast paced collision course for the next stage called the Artificial General Intelligence period. That means robots are about to match human intelligence.


All this mechanized mayhem culminates with the Last Invention Period. Basically, robots will become smarter than humans and continue to get smarter because they won’t need to eat, sleep, or binge on Netflix. Plus they’ll be immortal.

At this point in the AI Era, existence will most likely be a mix of iRobot, Minority Report, The Matrix, with Star Trek sprinkled in. Essentially robots will figure out they don’t need us humans anymore. You can let your imagination run wild at that thought…

I guess it’s also possible humans become hybrids of undying human-robots that are forced to travel into space due to overcrowding on Earth. 

Of course all this progress is contingent on the Earth avoiding disasters like an asteroid impact, a super volcano eruption, blowing ourselves up, etc. So just in case, be sure to go to Tokyo if you haven’t already.