Give Your People a Voice! This is How We Do It...

Brown Bags are always a highlight of the week for many of our Vuers. It is a chance for members of our team to present on various topics of interest. Our topics have ranged from travels, athletic adventures, previous occupations, and many more. 

At HireVue we invest in Brown Bag presentations for the following reasons: 

  • It gives every Vuer an opportunity to present
  • It gives every participant the opportunity to learn more about the presenter and the topic
  • It brings our team together for one hour of relaxation and camaraderie

Yesterday we brought together the financial savvy minds of Rex Galbraith, Evan Johnson, and Shane Barker. Each took a turn to showcase what they know. 


Rex Galbraith is a HUGE Dave Ramsey fan and is a great example of budgeting and saving money. Rex showed us how to follow a budget and how to get out of debt. Here are his 7 steps by Dave Ramsey.

Step 1: Start a $1,000 emergency fund

Step 2: Pay off all debt using the debt snowball

Step 3: Have 3-6 months of savings

Step 4: Invest 15% of income into retirement

Step 5: College fund

Step 6: Pay off home early

Step 7: Build wealth and give

Finding Deals: 

Evan Johnson LOVES to find great deals and save money. He claims he is not an extreme couponer, however, he does have some serious knowledge about websites to help you find some great deals. Here's a breakdown of a few of them: 

Travel - 

Matrix -  Allows you to search multiple airports and entire months for those without concrete travel plans.

Skiplagged - Allows you to fly less common legs/one way flights that airlines don't generally use.

Flightfox - Basically guarantees you a cheaper flight than the regular travel deal sites by pairing you with an experienced traveler guru.

Shopping - 

Camel Camel Camel - Tracks prices on all Amazon inventory and lets you know if you should buy now or wait based on historical trends.

Slick Deals - One of many deal sites. Has handpicked deals that are exceptional on the front page. A coupon area for searching coupons. Slickdeals is my favorite because it allows you to setup deal alerts for specific phrases or products you want to buy, and you are emailed if a deal pops up.

Grocery Smarts -  (Utah URL, if you're outside Utah you can search for each state separately) - Shows all weekly ads by each grocery chain. I have this site favorited in my phone and quickly scan through before I'm about to checkout and then ask the cashier to price match.

Honey Chrome Extension - If you are checking out at a store that has a promo/coupon area, it will automatically put them in for you.

Gift Cards - 

Gift Card Granny - Search engine for multiple deal sites.

Raise - My favorite deal site for selection and specifically because they send e-codes immediately (other sites can take up to a week).

Cardpool -  My second favorite site. They generally send e-codes immediately, but not as quickly as Raise.

Home Buying: 

After listening to two guys speak on how to save money, Shane got up and taught us how to spend our money wisely and make smart home investments. He based his presentation off the following areas:

Reasons to Buy a Home - 

  • Rates are at an all time low
  • Appreciate over long run
  • Investment
  • Tax breaks

Shane provided a fantastic analysis on the benefit of buying a home vs. renting. Shane spent 5 years prior to coming to HireVue being a loan officer and working with realtors. He really knows his stuff! 

Our team is filled with amazing and talented individuals who have vast amounts of knowledge and experience. We are so grateful for Brown Bags to allow everyone a chance to share.