Game All Day, Raise Money, Help Children in Need

Last Saturday HireVue hosted the Cheat Codes for Charity event at the HireVue office. We love opening our office space to the public for a variety of events. Cheat Codes for Charity has been an event we've enjoyed hosting for the past three years.  

Cheat Codes for Charity 

Cheat Codes for Charity was started to raise money for the Child's Play Charity which helps children in hospitals by donating toys and games. Gamers gather together and complete a 24 hour gaming marathon to receive donations for the charity. 

Over the last three years we have now raised over $4,500 for Child's Play Charity. They donate toys and games to children in hospitals, care facilities, and domestic abuse shelters. Our donations have helped hundreds of children take their minds off their daily struggle and helped them on the road to recovery. 

How Did the Event Go? 

Gamers gathered in the collaboration area of the HireVue office ready with personal computers, XBox, and Play Station. Food was supplied in plenty to ensure all gamers were fueled and ready to take on the next challenge. 

Just the Stats

Participants: 30+

Different Games Played: 40+

Hours Played: 24

Pizzas Consumed: 15

Donations Raised: $1410

Stacks of pizza boxes, left over Cafe Rio, and a large consumption of coffee were evidence that these gamers were well fed and caffeinated. Thanks to everyone who participated and donated money to help children in need. 

Feel free to check out the the videos of the event here