Free Backyard Concert with J. Michael Bailey

J Michael Bailey will be doing a FREE backyard concert this Friday, September 20 starting at 6:00pm in Saratoga Springs.

J Michael Bailey is an AMAZING and accomplished talent, and is best known locally for performing the lead role of Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables during last year’s season at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  Along with his success in professional music theater, J Michael has a real knack for song writing.  His music style is a mix of acoustic folk and maybe even a little “alternative country”. He will be playing two sets with a short intermission in between. 

The main purpose of the House Concert is to raise awareness for his new music.  It is a free concert, but we will pass around a “sugar jar” for those who would like to donate anything to help with him funding his new album.  (He's a local musician, so I'm sure he could use some sugar!).

The actual concert will start at 7:30, but there will be a “bring your own meat and something to share” BBQ before, starting at about 6:00. 

This will be a night full of food, music, and great entertainment. Grab your friends, grab your chairs and blankets, and head on over for a great date night.


The Lowe Residence

                  348 Rye Dr.

                  Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

                  Note: Enter the backyard through the gate on the west side of the home

Please let Brian Allred know if you are coming.