Extra Life Gamethon Charity Event

Starting November 2 at 8:00am the gaming will begin!  

Here's some more info about the event!

In terms of Fundraising, Team HireVue is currently at $300 out of a goal of $500.  A huge heartfelt thanks to those who have already donated!

Whether you would prefer to support us by joining in the event and gaming with us for all or part of the time, by joining a multiplayer game remotely, chatting with us on the team stream, and/or by donating funds to help save kids, the more participation there is, the better this event will be!  And you know we all like awesomesauce.

Here are some of the details:

What:      Extra Life Gamethon

Where:     HireVue Collaboration Area & twitch.tv/team_hirevue

When:     November 2-3, 8am-8pm (25 hours!) 

Tentative Schedule: 

- 8am: Pokemon X

- 1pm: Puzzle Pirates

- 4pm: Diablo III

- 10pm: Assassin's Creed

- 12:00am: XBLA (Super Meat Boy?) 

- The rest: anything we can find. It gets pretty loopy from here on out.  

Who:    Team HireVue, Cheat Codes for Charity, You! 

Why:     To save sick kids! 100% of donations go to Children's Miracle Network. 

Sign up, get info, and donate here.