Explore Your Passions by Nicole Frisbee


Religion, world-renowned national parks, frysauce, and the Utah Jazz. Utah is known for quite a few unique things, but it is notoriously known for being the homeland of the greatest snow on earth. Although I haven’t been to any out-of-state resorts, the “greatest snow on earth” title holds true. I’ve only experienced a handful of bad snow days where the slopes are icy or crunchy, however  I survived and lived to tell the tales. Who doesn’t like falling in soft, powdery snow? It’s much better than falling on cement, dirt, or any other relatively hard surface. Let me take a moment to boast about our biggest tourism attraction.



There’s a reason why people travel from all over the globe to visit Utah’s winter and summer resorts - especially in winter. Lakes, creeks, huge pine trees, and typical mountainous landscapes that look like Bob Ross paintings call these resorts home. When winter hits, these beautiful scenes take a peaceful turn. Blanketed in a crystallized white coating, the land is a winter wonderland. Ah, my favorite time of year! When the first snowfall hits, my patience dwindles while I wait for the resorts to open for skiing and snowboarding. I snowboard, but only because skiing looks harder to me and I’m not coordinated enough to control two pieces of wood attached to my feet, rather than just one. Although expensive, snowboarding is what I truly love to do.

Everyone has passions - don’t tell me you don’t have any! Drawing, painting, cooking, juggling, kayaking; there’s that one thing that makes you utterly content. That feeling for me comes from snowboarding. I love getting bundled up in my big, poofy snow clothes, grabbing my board and gear, and heading up to the resort every Sunday. You go to church? I got to snow church. I pray to the mountain gods and worship the snow goddesses. My escape, my calm, my love all revolves around snowboarding.


Buckling my boots into my bindings and heading up the steep slopes on the chair lift is a thrilling and slightly scary experience. I always imagine the chairs stopping and I’d get stuck on the chair lift for hours - or days even. I have an active imagination. Anyway, once I get off the lift and buckle into my bindings, I’m on my way. I cut through the snow on the edges of my board while scoping out some good runs off course. Sometimes I find good “tree runs”, and sometimes I don’t. Either way, my main goal is getting to the bottom of the run so I can go back up again. It’s a vicious cycle of going up, coming down, going up another way, and coming down the other way. I enjoy it, and it’s my escape. The second best part about snowboarding is at the end of the day when your muscles are screaming and your hat hair won’t cooperate. That’s when it’s time for hot cocoa or coffee and a snack. It’s a little bit of a reward for not dying or breaking anything, not to mention the accomplishment of living my passion.

Everyone has passions. It’s all a matter of finding what your passion is, and fulfilling it. Everyone deserves to be happy, to catch a break, and to have some fun. No matter your passion, I encourage you to go out and do it! Break out of your normal day-to-day routine and find something that makes you happy. JUST. DO IT.