Exceptional Service is the Secret Sauce to Our Success

HireVue support will champion every person who touches HireVue to help create positive life-changing events.
— HireVue Support Mission Statement

At HireVue we pride ourselves in our phenomenal customer service team. This team is powered by 19 individuals who provide 24/7 support to all our customers and candidates. If you call our line, someone will answer.

Aside from always being there to pick up the phone, our team members have a very special ability to provide out of this world service to all who call in. 

Check out some of the rave reviews from our candidates and customers. 

From a customer: 

"I have spoken to 2 candidates this week that both were struggling with accessing the interview. They both called the IT number from the email invitation and received exceptional service. They both said whomever they spoke to was very helpful and they were able to complete the interview.

I am trying to utilize this tool more and it is very reassuring to know that if a potential candidate has issues, that those issues can be worked through and resolved very quickly and efficiently and that their experience with HireVue IT will be very pleasant. Please thank them from me for the assistance with the candidate issues and the amazing customer service!"

From a candidate: 

"I just spoke with Mike about my employment application and HireVue interview to hopefully be promoted in my company.

He was exceptional to work with. He was incredibly kind, patient, understanding, and went over the top to assist me with my concerns and requests.

As an internal employee, positive recognition is a strong part of our work values. I wanted to extend the same appreciation and kindness to Mike. His help today is quite valuable to me and letting you know my gratitude for his excellent work, I feel, is important.

Please do something great for him today!"





From a candidate: 

"This e-mail is to congratulate Mr. Cuyler, for his excellent customer service and guiding me how to set up my interview with my company. I really was nervous because I do not domain computer, and I did not want to be misjudged because of this, but he went far and beyond being very patient and guiding me step by step until I got it, and his manners were from a very well educated person and now employee of your company, for that I want to thank him and to your company for having an excellent and great employee. I hope he can get awarded for his great patience and great customer service."

These are just a few examples of our outstanding service. If these testimonies aren't enough to satisfy you, then maybe these stats will help: 

  • Handled over 58,000 customer inquiries in 2014
  • On average in Q4 of 2014, callers waited 50 seconds or less to receive service
  • Responded to 98.3% of emails within an hour
  • Have already completed 15,000 cases this year

Because our support team members are so fantastic at their roles, many have moved into different departments within the company such as Engineering, IT, and Customer Success. 

To our support team, it is more than just a job, it is a mission to help create life-changing events for everyone they interact with. You can see it in the way our callers take the time to send emails thanking our team for their great service. To learn more about our support team, click here.

Thank you support team! We love you!