The Beginning of My Startup Internship Journey

At HireVue we love our interns. Check out one of our newest intern's experience working at HireVue so far. 

Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse

      Have you ever experienced the feeling of having 200 people root for your personal success? I sure have. The moment I got off the elevator at HireVue I felt like I could do or be anything. I wasn’t  “Abby the intern,” but a valuable team member at one of the fastest growing tech startups in Utah. 

      Many college seniors would agree with me when I say the final semesters can be classified as crunch time.  We are faced with the overwhelming task of connecting the post-graduate dots to land the job of our dreams. One way to alleviate this feeling of uncertainty is to score a promising internship.

     I found my way to HireVue after speaking with my favorite Professors and Mentors at the University of Utah, David Bradford. As the Executive Chairman of HireVue, David was thrilled  to announce to his students that HireVue  recently received $45 Million in Venture Capital funding. David didn't need to convince me that HireVue was the place I wanted to start my career.    

       I wanted to choose a startup company that gave me the freedom and autonomy to sharpen my existing skill set of Social Media and Marketing. HireVue gave me the platform to do so. Not only am I am surrounded with extraordinary mentors everyday, but I am interning for a company where the only rule is that there isn’t any rules. Sounds like a complete blast right? It totally is, but it is also up to me to control the outcome of my success. And I am more than ready to take the startup jump and show HireVue what I can do.  Follow my journey as a HireVue Intern where I will update you on what I’ve learned working at a fast paced startup. 

16  days into my internship I have written 114 pages of notes,  attended  41 meetings, consumed 28 cups of coffee, used 3 pens, and have walked into the men’s bathroom once.


PS - Follow my internship journey on Twitter with the #AbbyHireVue hashtag!

About Abby Mathews
Abby Mathews is a Social Selling Strategist at HireVue. Abby is starting her senior year at the University of Utah where she studies Strategic Communications. Her interests in branding, social media, and consumer behavior have driven her to pursue courses in Marketing and Advertising. She has a growing passion for Entrepreneurship and is a go-getter who takes pride in being constantly curious, extremely hardworking, and always ethical. Connect with Abby Mathews onTwitter.