Listen to Your People to Build a Great Place to Work

Over the past month we have shared the many ways HireVue is a great place to work. Of course this is our own opinion and so we decided to take some snapshots from Glassdoor to show you what our people really think about us.

Due to the anonymity of Glassdoor our team members feel comfortable sharing their feelings about working at HireVue. Check it out. 

As you can see we come highly recommended. Last year alone 47% of our hires were from team member referrals. 

Check out some of our reviews that really show the diverse ways our team members love working at HireVue. 

Obviously, like every company, we are not perfect and we use our feedback to improve everyday. Check out our full profile to see all the reviews.

Back in May we were able to submit a profile for Great Place to Work. We surveyed our team members and these were the results.

And just for fun, check out some of our company demographics. 

While we are proud to have an amazing company and culture, we are always striving to improve. Come join our team and help make HireVue even more incredible