Learn To Code Fridays At HireVue

If you want to learn to code, here's your chance.

Starting this Friday, Chris Horne (Engineering) be overseeing learn-coding activities at noon in the collaboration area. However, we're going to be changing the format a little to accommodate some folks not being able to come every week. Whereas before Chris was preparing a presentation each time, now it will be a casual come-hang-out time when everyone can do tutorials, online classes, and other self learning resources, with general help, interaction, and tutoring where needed (or wanted). Chris will be there to answer questions as well, of course :)

The intention of this change is to allow people to go at different paces and join up at any time - if you haven't come before, you can come now! We'll make sure you get a good introduction.

If you think you might come sometime and would like a calendar invite to remind you, or are remote and would like the google hangout invites, please reply to Chris so we can get you those. Remember, you can get it on your calendar to join up later - email me and we'll get you the reminders.

Remember to bring your laptop :)

-- Chris "lahwran" Horne