Celebrating National Hot Dog Day in Style

Happy National Hot Dog Day.....erm Eve! The holiday is officially tomorrow, July 23rd, but HireVue likes to do things differently and celebrating holidays is no exception. 

So we fired up the grills, threw on some dogs, and had a grand time. TJ has officially been dubbed our Grill Tsar. 

 TJ finishing up the polish dogs

TJ finishing up the polish dogs

 Paulina is super excited to eat her hot dog

Paulina is super excited to eat her hot dog

As always, Costco's giant polish dogs were a huge hit. To include all team members we only served beef franks so everyone could enjoy the feast. 

Now for a history lesson: 

National hot dog day takes place on July 23, 2015. The day is designated by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council in the USA. The festival is centered around eating hot dogs, but other activities take place such as wiener dog races, eating contests, root beer chugging contests, and much more. 

Now for some random facts about hot dogs: 

  • Mustard is the most popular condiment amongst adults
  • More hot dogs are eaten in New York than any other city in the US
  • The National Hot Dog Council estimates that Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year. 
  • Hot dogs were the first food eaten on the moon!

And for your review - the Do's and Don'ts of hot dog eating: 

Enjoy National Hot Dog day tomorrow! Ready to join our team and celebrate other random holidays? Check out the many openings we have on our "Join VueNation" tab.