Attrivute #9 - Disagree But Commit

It's a new month, which means we get to introduce another Attrivute. September's Attrivute is #9 - Disagree but Commit. 

Owners stand for what they believe is right and hold themselves and others to high standards. They will argue for the right course of action even when it is exhausting or uncomfortable. When a decision is made they get firmly behind it and support it with enthusiasm.

Our guest author is the lovely Jane Cornelius, Product Manager, at HireVue. 

New toys

As part of a growing company, one can expect to change technologies about as often as you change your socks. As the number of employees and clients grow, so do the infrastructure requirements.

In the past year at HireVue, we have switched email clients, messaging products, wiki sites, team engagement trackers, survey tools, platform technologies, and about every other product or process you can think of.

But we don’t really talk about change management. We don’t need to.

One thing the Vuers have done fantastically well is embrace all this change. In a world where phone updates require constant behavior change, we are learning to embrace the new.

The best process is the one everyone will use.

The pre-purchase debate

The switch to each of these technologies is preceded by thorough research and healthy debate. Is it better to keep our familiar technologies, or could we truly benefit from switching to the new? Once the decision is made, there are always people who remain unconvinced that the change should occur.

Circumstances are rarely ideal.

Commitment to play nicely

The incredible part of this process is, the unconvinced team members don’t throw a fit. Vuers are great at jumping into new tools and processes in an effort to find the most powerful tools.

This decide and commit pattern is especially useful for a product manager. As a product team, we are constantly debating the next best move for the product - and we often disagree. But we don’t stop moving.

You have to keep moving. 

Tired of working at a boring company where change takes forever? Come join us and be part of something amazing