Attrivute #8 - Think Big

Having a sense of purpose can elevate routine work into an invigorating cause. If you think back to some of your best work experiences, the times when you were the most invigorated and fulfilled, I bet that a sense of a larger purpose was a significant part of what made it special.

That purpose has to come from an understanding of how we fit into a larger context. Why does work matter anyway? Am I just doing this for a paycheck, or am I also accomplishing something that I believe in?

At HireVue our purpose is to make hiring better. People spend the majority of their lives at work, and matching up employers and candidates more effectively can have a real and lasting impact on the lives of many people. There is a serious and continual need for getting the right people in the right jobs, and we have the opportunity to make a difference in this basic aspect of modern human living.

Having our larger purpose in mind, we can reach out into the space of possible futures and grasp new ways for people to relate to and manage employment choices. We can see past the way things are into the way things could be, and then direct our energies to making the best of those possibilities real. In our own selected aspects of it, we can re-envision the world and then change it.

This begins with questioning everything. For example, why do we as a society base so many employment screening decisions on resumes? Is it really the best way to do things, or is it just the legacy of easy options from decades past? The basic needs here are for candidates to clearly represent their abilities, experience, and interests to employers, and for employers to find the best-qualified and interested candidates for their roles.

Are resumes really the best way to meet those needs? Can candidates effectively reduce their best self to a sheet of text, and can employers trust those sheets of paper to paint a full and accurate picture of a person?

What if we did things differently? How about letting candidates record video presentations of themselves that match a list of concerns and questions provided by an employer? Then candidates can present what makes them special more effectively than a piece of paper, and employers can better evaluate how a candidate would fit into their company's needs as a person.

Boom, we have OnDemand interviews.

Why do we play long games of phone tag and email tennis to schedule a meeting? It can be a long and frustrating process. Many of us already keep digital calendars to organize most of our working time, so can't we find a better way to sift through multiple calendars and find shared unscheduled time?

Checking whether a time slot in a calendar is free isn't really all that difficult. It's just very tedious to do it many times for many calendars until you find matches, especially if you have to rely on other people to do the checking. Could a computer do it instead?

Boom, we have Coordinate for automatically solving scheduling problems and presenting the best options.

Thinking Big means understanding a larger purpose and then using it to reinvent the way we do things. Question everything, and see if you can make it better!


- Keith Warnick, Data Scientist at HireVue