Attrivute #5 - Get Results

Guest Post by Tara Repucci -  Strategic Accounts Sales Director at HireVue

One way to get results is to choose something that’s easy for you, something that you’re good at, and get results doing it. The other way to get results is to find something that is crazy difficult for you and work your ass off to conquer it.

Getting results is intensely personal, and what makes it personal is that it says something about you and what you care about.  It just does.

Joanne was a twenty-five year old single mother, clinically depressed and struggling to survive on welfare. But she had a big idea and discipline. She wrote in cafes anytime her daughter slept, and stuck with it for years and years until she published a delightful children’s book about an orphan boy wizard with a lightning-shaped scar.

Today, Joanne, better known to the world as J. K. Rowling, is the first self-made billionaire author in history. She got results by turning rock-bottom into the solid foundation on which to rebuild her life.

Deena Kastor, three-time Olympian and current American record holder in both the marathon (2:19:36) and half marathon (1:07:34), gets results by running. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do the same by making people laugh.

One of my coworkers recently lost her husband unexpectedly. She is pregnant with their first child. Others couldn't imagine getting out of bed to brush their teeth after such a loss but she is doing so much more than that.

She is getting results by decorating the nursery and showing up to work to serve our clients and smiling from time to time. She is getting results by making her husband proud.

So the challenge, as you contemplate your next opportunity to be remarkable, is to ask yourself: “What do I want to get results doing?” It is a great question to ask today.