Attrivute #4 - Listen & Share

Hi, my name is Brent Nelson - Software Engineer at HireVue - and I was asked to write what the Attrivute "Listen & Share" means to me and to the company. 

At HireVue we strive to listen and share so that our interactions with customers and each other are meaningful and contribute to the betterment of each relationship. We understand that each Vuer has unique strengths that, when harnessed, can add significant value to the team.

Listening alone restricts these talents to the individual. While simply sharing without heeding feedback or criticisms inhibits growth. However, combining the two and creating a healthy cycle of listening and sharing will lead to continual growth for each individual and in turn will better the team and our product.

        Flickr User:  Ky

       Flickr User: Ky

As a member of the engineering team at HireVue I have seen the practice of listening and sharing first hand. An engineer who I believe exhibits this Attrivute daily (and someone I really look up to a lot) is Chris Strieby.

As engineers we “listen” to error alerts and changes in our code and try our best to ship a bug free product. I have noticed that Chris makes a daily conscious effort to read (or “listen”) and respond to many of these items (or “share”).

This effort is a tremendous help to the team and our customers because we are all able to benefit from the shared research and knowledge from Chris’ comments. This, on several occasions, has helped me work faster and more effectively

        Flickr User:  Ewa Rozkosz

       Flickr User: Ewa Rozkosz

During my time at HireVue I have seen this attrivute exemplified through all aspects of the company. I’ve seen Customer Success Managers listen to customer suggestions and share them with our product managers. I’ve seen our awesome support team interact with our customers. I’ve seen upper management share their take-aways from meeting with potential or existing customers. The list goes on.

Ultimately, listening and sharing is an Attrivute that will not only help improve one’s ability to effectively govern their workplace responsibilities, but will also help improve many aspects of their everyday lives.

Communication is the key ingredient to human interaction and as we learn to actively focus on playing the part of both listener and sharer we can strengthen our relationships with our co-workers, customers, friends, and family.