Attrivute #3 - Lean Towards Action

Hi. My name is John Grotegut and I am the Director of Talent Acquistion. I am writing on an attrivute I am passionate about which is to Lean Towards Action

We take action and are willing to make mistakes. We prefer making new mistakes rather than repeating old ones. We learn, use good judgment and we are right most of the time.
— Attrivute #3

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. One of our biggest mistakes is not taking action. When I meet someone who I know is a great fit for our team I find a way to get them in front of key decision makers as quickly as possible and commit these decision makers to take action and make decisions.

Some of our great hires are individuals that we didn’t have a “requisition” for but were extremely talented, and as stated in the book Good To Great by Jim Collins, we needed to “Get on the Bus”.  We then found the right seats for them and they enabled us to accelerate.

It is sometimes important to take time to make proper decisions. These decisions may take a considerable amount of time and due diligence. When there is a process being followed and key steps being taken to reach an end goal then you are still leaning towards action. Failure is when there is inaction.

Inaction gives our decision-making ability to someone or something else.

At HireVue we lean towards action. We rise to the occasion and we get things done! We just completed a record breaking Year/Quarter and mammoth sized deal in which we Leaned Towards Action to get it done!

In the words of a few teammates:

BOOM! WICKED!!! This is bigger than Super Bowl! VueNation effort – so proud!!! I knew Jeff was Clark Kent! BIG TIME! GOOOAAAAAL! Boooooooyah! EPIC! Holy Smokes! Amazing! 100% agree here, thanks for showing us what is possible!!

 And 50+ similar comments all about one deal!

 Let’s lean into ’15 and make it one for the ages!