Attrivute #2 - Customer Obsession

Hi. My name is Carol Eichengrun and I am on the Professional Services team. When I started at HireVue a year ago, I was given a list of the 12 attrivutes to look over. As a new hire reading the list, I thought that like other organizations I worked at previously, the attrivutes would be espoused not practiced.

I was asked to write about the attrivute “customer obsession,” and sitting down to think of all the moments throughout the last year where I have seen my coworkers personify this attrivute was a reminder of how many amazing colleagues I have.

To me, customer obsession is going above and beyond, and sometimes even further, to make sure clients are happy, passionate customers. Often this requires the help of many colleagues, who are dedicated to making sure our client’s needs are met.  I am proud to say I see examples of customer obsession throughout the organization all the time.

HireVue is a start-up, with a start-up mentality. I have never worked at a company before that sends “to all” and “reply all” emails just to high-five, congratulate, and give shout-out’s to coworkers. We have a really jovial collegiate culture, and I am constantly reading emails about my coworkers and their customer obsessed moments.  

Working in Professional Services, I often rely on the expertise of our product and engineering teams. Syhalla Bales, QA Engineer, has been an asset to me, and shown me what being customer obsessed means without ever speaking to my clients.

In the last year, she has manually started interviews for clients that were unable to, and guaranteed a same-day turnaround on all future requests. She has helped me troubleshoot issues that have come up, and provided fixes that would work for my clients, ensuring the solution would meet their expectations.

Two weeks ago Syhalla messaged me to ask about a client that had a bumpy go live a few months prior, just to ask how they were doing. Syhalla’s role is to fix issues that are brought to her attention, but she goes out of her way to ask about customers and do ad hoc requests that are well beyond the scope of her job description.

To me, Syhalla epitomizes what it means to have customer obsession because she is intent on doing right by every customer, no matter how much work it entails, always coming through for my clients, while never looking for credit or accolades; kind of like the Batwoman of HireVue. 

I think it’s easy to create a list of values, post them online, and tell the world that this is what your company believes in and uses to guide their business practices. It’s much more difficult to actually find a group of same minded individuals who are dedicated to providing great customer service and treating each other well.

Working at HireVue for the last year has provided me the opportunity to work with people that are genuinely happy and are intent on pleasing our clients, and it’s been an amazing experience I am thankful for every day.