Attrivute #1 - Act Like an Owner

My name is Hyunjin Lee and I am part of the Sales Opportunity Consultant team here at HireVue. I've been at HireVue for one month now and its been an amazing experience thus far. 

Part of the reason why I came to HireVue was because of the company attrivute of acting like an owner. I believe this is one of the most important attrivutes any employee should have-especially within a start-up company. This allows each individual to perform at their very best just like they are one of the owners and it also allows accountability. This is the exact mentality individuals need to have to help the organization grow. 

"Act like an owner" enables employees to have a voice, to be accountable, to perform at their highest, and ultimately allows them to know they are important in a huge opportunity.

I see this very exact attrivute being practiced every day at HireVue. One of the examples that stands out to me as a new hire is that everyone here wears multiple hats. They are always doing something out of their comfort zone to help build this organization.

The example that comes to mind is our Sales Leader Rex Galbraith. Rex was one of the reasons why I came to HireVue. I was intrigued with Rex because I was under the assumption that he was strictly sales only. Turns out, he played a key role in my recruiting/hiring process. He genuinely cares about the growth of HireVue just like it's his very own company. That is the culture and energy I was impressed with as a new hire/candidate. It changes the whole mentality of "oh man.. I need to go to work today." to "I am super excited to do some crazy cool things at work today!" 

I am very excited to be part of this opportunity where I can "act like an owner." I am very fortunate to be able work with the HireVue leadership team and to watch, learn, and follow their example on how to act like an owner.