Are You With A Company That is Launching Your Career?

Earlier this month Wealthfront Knowledge Center published a list of Career-Launching Companies for 2016. 

Wealthfront publishes this list of US mid-size technologies because they believe these companies are ideal places for young people to start their careers. 

Nothing early in your career is more important than achieving success — and nothing signals success more than working for a successful company
— Wealthfront Blog

We are pleased to announce that HireVue made the list along with four other Utah tech companies. 

So how do you qualify for the list? 

  • Company must current have revenues between $20 million and $300 million
  • Have a trajectory to grow at a rate in excess of 50% over at least the next four years


We love this quote from the article: 

New York and Boston are distant competitors to the Bay Area when it comes to hosting companies that are likely to become very large, although both New York and Boston slightly gained share. Utah was the notable rising star, growing from 1 to 5 companies.

Some people may wonder why a financial advisor would publish a list like this. Their answer: "your career decisions will likely have a much bigger impact on your ultimate net worth than your investment decisions."

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Inside Sales

Health Catalyst


For young people starting their careers it is important to work for a company that is on the right track for success.

Some might wonder what benefits are associated with working for small or mid-sized companies. Here are just a few examples: 

1. Get noticed by people in the company who matter. 

2. Build strong relationships with team members of all levels

3.  Learn all aspects of the business inside and out

4. Diversify your skill set by participating in new projects

5. Explore your talents and discover what you love

6. Make a big impact (and get credit for it)


You can check out the list of other growing companies by clicking here

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