As 2015 is wrapping up, I can’t help but reflect on this year, where I am and my thankfulness. They say the people you choose to spend the majority of your time with are those you become most like. I couldn’t be happier that I chose to move across the country to spend the majority of my days with my team at HireVue. You only grow as a person if you choose to learn from those who are stronger in areas than you are, people who challenge you and push you toward your potential. I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to learn and grow from my team and coworkers who push me, challenge me and inspire me.

From our inside ADM team, all the way to our CEO, Mark Newman, I have never had an opportunity to work in such an exciting and motivating environment. One of the rules at HireVue is to think like an owner. Mark sees the potential in allowing employees to have an entrepreneurial mindset and he encourages it within each of us. That attitude has been a primary reason for the growth and success HireVue has seen.

The week before Christmas, we sat together watching Seinfeld, eating a nice meal, had an opportunity to air any grievances, demonstrate feats of strength and had one heck of a ugly sweater contest. Scot Sessions stole the show with break away pants, kitten onesie and a flesh colored hairy onesie underneath. It left some pretty intense visuals, for sure.

 Mark and Carl Coe, CRO, ran through the numbers and congratulated the team members on recent multi million dollar deals with Fortune 100 companies and then went on to forecast projections and lay out a roadmap for next year. A new year can be daunting when looking at the lofty goals to meet but it is also exciting because the team has a chance to set new records and reach heights previously unseen. We have a ton of fun at HireVue from our scooter races to our HireBrew pub. We work hard to play hard.

“Competition is a good thing; it forces us to be our best.”

Within our team, there has been an intense spiff going on in our team with some various prizes up for grabs – chrome 27 inch monitor, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth headset, $50 Amazon card, nerf guns and some Avenger hammers and shield. We have been competing within our team, playing a version of dirty santa with a points system. The steals and strategy got pretty intense during the last stretch.

A few weeks ago, our team lead asked if we were interested in a “Sub for Santa” for a family with a single mother and four kids under the age of 11. We all jumped on board and were excited to provide Christmas to a family who wouldn’t have one otherwise. The mother provided a very short list of wants and needs for each child with very few items listed. She listed nothing for herself and one of the little boys asked for Ramen Noodles. Talk about a humbling perspective.


 Earlier in the week we were in our second round of the spiff competition. People were getting very competitive and a few were even frustrated with the rules and felt those working hardest weren’t getting the deserved prizes. We broke for lunch that day and the team pooled the money and went shopping to get the gifts for the family. During that time, our team had a realization. Here we were arguing over rules for prizes and this family didn’t have adequate necessities.  The team then decided to do more than get the wants and needs items. From our spiff, we donated the Avenger’s toys to the kids and the $50 Amazon card to the mother, realizing how much more they would appreciate them and benefit from them. In addition to the wants and needs, the team was thrilled to buy the mom a $100 gift card to spend as she needed.

 I am so proud to be a part of the team and to witness the selflessness and benevolence they bestow upon others. They may not realize it but it is not just around the holidays. I see these people encouraging and motivating others every single day. I am happy to be around such people of quality and I learn more from them all, every single day.

 Last week we started doing things differently in our team meetings. Each morning, we meet as a team for 30 minutes. We go over team numbers, individual numbers, goals, appointments with customers, etc. Our leader holds us accountable to know our individual  and team data like the back of our hand. He stresses the importance of fundamentals and how it will set us apart as a world-class ADM team. Usually, at the end of these meetings, one person shares something inspirational whether it be a quote from a military leader, a Grant Cardone vide or a video of Stephen Curry and his stress on fundamentals. One of our team members, Mike,  decided to mix it up and start a “why wall.”

 In any career, most people are striving to be successful. Money is definitely a big motivator. Success is important to many people. Making a name for yourself is important. A brand new Mercedes is important to some. A great big house is important to others. What I found to be inspiring was the personal motivation of each of my team members and the true quality each of these people exude.

Our team’s why wall included:

  • Family – this was everyone’s primary why

  • Our team – we all talked about wanting to do well and make our team proud and be a contributing member of our team

  • Our friends

  • God

  • Serving as a role model

Each team member shared touching stories of where they came from and how their past, their current and their future plays into why they are working as hard as possible to be successful. No one mentioned anything material.

 Our leader, Peter Chun, was the last person to go. He mentioned God, his wife, precious new baby and then he got a tear in his eye as he pointed back to the “why wall” and everything we each posted. He told us he worked hard and pushed us to success for each of us and our why’s. He said there are times he is intense and pushes us and even times there are conflict but he does it all for us and to see us succeed.

“Having the nice house, the cars, the money is nice but at the end of the day you would trade it all for the people you love. It’s not about getting to the top alone, it’s about the relationships you build along the way and the people who go along with you.” – Peter Chun

From my first interview at HireVue, Peter has shown transparency and integrity. He is honest with all of us, sometimes brutally, but builds relationships in all aspects and is leading us to become better people, professionals and leaders as well. He invites other companies in to see our team stand-ups and learn how to improve their own teams. He introduces us to people in the industry. Bottom line, relationships are the most important part of what we do regardless of a particular role. Companies and roles may change but strong relationships will remain constant. Anyone can be a manager but very few are actually exceptional leaders.

 Between my team, the leadership and HireVue overall,  I am humbled to be in the place I am now. I am learning and taking in more knowledge and experience than I could have imagined. Taking a leap, moving across the country and joining VueNation has been the most liberating and inspiring thing I have done. I am so thankful I chose to make that jump and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


By Bailey Martindale