A Challenger Approaches

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

You may or may not know, but we have a pretty active League of Legends community here at HireVue. A few of us decided that it would be awesome to reach out to Riot personally and issue a challenge in the battle of swag.

The brothers in red & white donning their armor, weapons, headphones, keyboards, and bunny slippers will face off against the elite HR team of Riot Games. Of course, just asking them isn't enough. We needed that extra special HireVue touch so we crafted a video for it.... enjoy! 

Some quick notes:

- If you play LoL or are interested in playing let us know!

- The list of things we want from them is a joke (mostly), PAX Twisted Fate, which you are probably wondering what that even means, is an extremely rare item in the game that is no longer obtainable without buying it from someone else. 

- We'll keep you posted on their response!