Paying Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of a Company

Happy SysAdmin Day!! A day in which we pay tribute to the men and women who prevent disasters, keep our systems secure, and our business up and running. This year is the 16th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. You can read up on the history of the holiday here. 

At HireVue we are pretty proud of the men who work tirelessly to make our company function at optimum levels. Check out why we have the best System Admins in the world! 

System Administrators


Meet Alan:

Alan manages our network, the servers in the office, and our internet connections. He also works with vendors for purchasing, contract negotiations, and eventual implementation of the technologies we purchase.You can thank him for the fancy check-in iPad at the front desk. He also acts as a tier 2 helper when Matt is out of the office or needs help.




Meet Matt:  

Matt rocks at getting all team members up and running when they first start by ensuring they have the necessary equipment and access to systems. He is also wicked fast at responding to helpdesk ticket issues and always helps with a smile on his face. 






Meet Josh:

Josh leads the information security team at HireVue from a secret cabin in the woods. Josh gets to work directly with our customers to assure them that their data is secure and in good hands. He helps the sales and legal teams review customer security requirements, then works with the engineering team to make those requirements a reality. He creates policies and procedures for HireVue to keep our customer data safe. He also works with product management and attends engineering meetings to ensure new functionality is created securely. 



Meet Jake:

Jake's favorite past time is sending phishing emails to the company on a regular basis. He's always keeping us on our toes! Jake focuses on the technical side of security: phishing tests, penetration tests on our products to find vulnerabilities, works in the infrastructure team to implement new security measures, and helps keep the HireVue internal network secure. 





Meet Stuart:

Stuart keeps the application and infrastructure supporting it running and helps keep it at as high performing and available as possible. Last year we had some record statistics for our platform performance and we plan to continue to keep it up.




Meet Ed:

Ed helps the developers by creating tools that make it quicker, safer, and easier to get their work to production. Stuart and Ed work together to ensure all aspects of our infrastructure are secure and properly working




Thank you System Admin team for being the unsung heroes of the company. You work behind the scenes to make sure the whole company is able to work at top speed and security. We guys are world-class!