6 Personality Traits You Need to Succeed at a Startup

For anyone who is currently working or has worked for a start-up, there are unique qualities team members must possess in order to be successful. At HireVue we asked our team members to tell us what characteristics you need in order to succeed in a start-up environment. Here are their answers: 

1. Initiative: 

In a start-up you are not going to go very far if you just sit around and wait for someone to tell you what to do. Find a pain point in the company and work towards a solution. There are limited people and resources in a company so show your value by stepping up and getting to work.  

2. Get Results:

At HireVue, "Get Results" is one of our Attrivutes. We are a very performance driven culture. We expect team members to take ownership of their responsibilities and produce quality work. We aren't going to hold your hand and guide you along. If you expect to clock in, do the minimum amount of work possible, and clock out, then a start-up is not for you. 

3. Flexibility:

One of the magical qualities of a start-up is that change is always happening. It is very common to slave for hours on a project and then suddenly be advised to take another route. Don't get frustrated. Pick back up on what you are doing and get to work. Priorities change quickly and you need to be ready to do what is asked of you. 

            Flickr User:  Chris Florence

           Flickr User: Chris Florence

4. Positive Attitude:

What makes start-ups so enchanting to work for are the bright, happy attitudes of the team members. Everyone is always so friendly and willing to help each other out. The whole team is working towards the same goal of building a successful company. There is no room for pessimistic attitudes to bring everyone down. 

5. Humility:

No one likes a person who always thinks they are right. Be humble and realize that other people have good ideas and your ideas are not the only right answers. Accept the criticism you receive and use it to be better. 

6. Team Player:

As a start-up you either win together or you loose together. Don't be the one person that doesn't do their part. Help your team members out and you will be surprised that others will help you in your time of need. Again, we are all working towards the same goal.

These are the traits we commonly see in our HireVue team members. What other traits do you think are needed to succeed in a start-up environment? Comment below!