The #1 Trait to Look For in a Candidate - Resourcefulness

At HireVue we live and breathe our Attrivutes. This whole year we have featured an Attrivute every month. We are now down to Attrivute #10 - Hire the Best & Develop to be Better. 

We take our hiring seriously and strive to find the best talent to fill our positions. Often this may require prolonged searches to find the perfect fit for a specific position.

But how do we know if someone is "All Star" talent?

LinkedIn's CEO, Jeff Weiner, posted a LinkedIn Pulse article about the Five-Tool Superstar

He covers five traits to look for when hiring great talent: 

1. Technology Vision

2. Product Sensibility

3. Business Acumen

4. Leadership

5. Resourcefulness

We understand all five of these traits make a packaged deal. However, most people do not possess all five traits.

One of the most important qualities we look for at HireVue is a candidate's ability to get s%^t done aka "GSD." 

You can train people on how to use tools and systems. But you can't train hustle. You can't train passion. That's what we look for. Are candidate's resourceful enough to make their dreams come true as well as help the company succeed? If yes, then those are the people we hire. 

There are countless examples of team members at HireVue who exemplify resourcefulness. Here are just a few stories.


Our security team, Jake and Josh, have been great examples of taking initiative and updating our security awareness as a company. They started conducting phishing emails, calling team members to try and get company information, and setting up an official security certification program. Without the efforts of these two men our company would not be as aware of the security threats around us.

Tara - 

We were in a pinch and needed someone to be the project manager for our Coordinate product. Tara, one of our Sr. Developers, stepped in as the project manager even though she was not hired for the role. She helped push new features and guided the team along. Whenever she talked about Coordinate you could tell that she cared a lot about bringing Coordinate up to its full potential. 

Infrastructure - 

Sometimes our servers have outages and our Infrastructure team has to hustle to get our system running again. Just last month Amazon had a major outage which affected us. At 4am on a Sunday our team got a call that the system was down. Immediately they started finding a work around and got our candidates back on to take their interviews. 


Abby started following and engaging with HireVue via social. She built a relationship with many members at HireVue and we saw the potential and passion within her. We didn't have any current openings but we needed help within our marketing team with social media and strategy. So, a few weeks later we brought Abby in and made her our Social Media intern. 


These are just a few examples of team members at HireVue who exemplify the "GSD" attitude. A huge part of our culture is centered around results. We don't track time worked and we don't track time off. We trust our people to do what needs to be done and get results. 

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